Project Aventurine

Wednesday 10th October 2018

Project Aventurine

Working in collaboration, Irene Afful MSc of Ametrine Enterprise Solutions and Danielle Kershaw of InnSaei InSights, are launching a new programme to support businesses to become more profitable and effective. We are offering a free consultation in the following areas;

• Well-being at work
• Mental health awareness
• Diversity & Inclusion (recruitment, retention and progression)
• Equality in the workplace

The consultation will begin with a survey of senior leadership teams and staff, co-ordinated and conducted by us. Following on from the survey, we will conduct a gap analysis and provide an initial free consultation support session. 

Our aim is to support businesses to become more profitable, enhance their reputation and be the employer of choice in terms of equality,  diversity & inclusion, and well-being in the workplace. 

Research has consistently shown that organisations with diverse leadership teams are more profitable compared to those that have limited diversity within their leadership teams. 

McKinsey's 'Delivering Through Diversity' report 2018 found that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity were 21% more likely to experience above average profitability. For ethnic and cultural diversity, the finding was a 33% likelihood of outperformance in terms of profitability. Diversity makes business sense, particularly in the global market in which we operate.

In the United Kingdom,  22% of university students identify as black and minority ethnic, yet only 8 percent of UK executives do. Black women executives are severely underrepresented and may face a harder path to CEO level due to the double burden of bias. 

We want to support organisations to ensure that they have robust and effective equality & inclusion strategy to recruit, retain and progress a diverse workforce that will ensure improved profitability and enhance reputation, notwithstanding the moral case. 

We also want to support organisations to ensure that they have robust and effective well-being programmes for their staff. Businesses rely on having a healthy and productive workforce. Conditions like anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress are experienced by one in six British workers each year. In the past five years according to a study by the Federation of Small Businesses and Mind, the Mental Health Charity, employers have cited stress as the number one reason given by employees who take time off work. Work-related mental ill-health is costing businesses up to £26 billion every year, including:
  •  £2.4 billion wasted on staff turnover due to poor mental wellbeing   
  •  £15.1 billion lost by unproductive staff at work who are unable to cope due to mental health issues  
  •  70 million lost working days due to mental health problems

We have a range of services available to support organisations to achieve these aims. It makes business sense.

If you would like to make part in the survey and free initial consultation, please contact us on the details below. 

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Kind regards,

Irene Afful MSc.                                                                 Danielle Kershaw
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