Workshop design & delivery

I design and deliver bespoke workshops to public and private sector organisations, conferences, and education establishments. Workshops are interactive, with exercises to challenge your thinking and take you out of your comfort zone to stimulate personal growth and confidence. Topics include the following;

Leadership Development

  • Why is leadership important?
  • What makes a good leader
  • How does effective leadership benefit your organisation?
  • How can you develop your leadership skills and put them to effective use in the workplace?
  • I also specialise in working with minority groups.

Valuing Difference and Inclusion: Embedding equality & diversity

  • Why is equality & diversity important for your organisation?
  • What are the risks of not being E&D compliant?
  • Equality Act 2010 - Public sector duties: private sector benefits
  • The moral and business case for equality & diversity
  • Ethics and values

• Understanding equality legislation
• Building Inclusive cultures
• Identifying barriers
• Build inclusion into your Business Strategies

This workshop is a pathway to understanding E, D & I, the benefits of having an Inclusive culture and building it into your business processes.*

Positive Action for Employers and Practitioners

  • Achieving a representative organisation - why is it important?
  • The business and moral case
  • What does the law say?
  • How can it be achieved?
  • Examples of promising practice

Unconscious Bias & Positions of Privilege Workshop

Unconscious bias is something that affects everyone, and no-one pretends that it's easily eradicated. But realising and accepting that it does exist and that it is potentially creating business risk is a good starting point.

Understand and learn how bias can affect your decisions regarding, recruitment, retention, progression and customer service. How is unconscious bias affecting your staff, customers, service and reputation?

Learnings will include:
• Understanding the concept of unconscious bias
• Understanding the impact of unconscious bias
• Understanding the role of Unconscious bias
> Understanding the concept of privilege and how it operates in the workplace

Objectives include:
• Increase the delegates' awareness of the concept of Unconscious Bias
• Assist delegates to recognise bias within themselves
• Enable delegates to recognise the impact of their personal bias on others
• Ensure delegates understands bias is natural, but needs to be managed
• Empower delegates to manage their own bias

This workshop is a pathway to understanding unconscious bias, and the impact of unconscious bias on staff, customers, service and reputation.

Building Confidence and Well-being through Mindfulness Programme

This is a four part programme delivered over 4 weeks to maximise effect. Each part lasts 2-3 hours depending on numbers. The sessions include inputs on the art of appreciation, the self-concept, the thinking brain (right & left brain thinking), subconscious needs, understanding values and the way forward for growth.

The programme is designed to build confidence, enhance skills, increase self-awareness, improve well-being and thus make staff more effective in the workplace.

Other subjects include developing resilience and overcoming barriers.
Please contact me to discuss your requirements.*

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Workshop design & delivery