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I have worked with Irene (in her capacity as an unpaid volunteer) for a number of years now. From the outset, the warmth of her character,her unflinching energy and her infectious enthusiasm invited close working relationships with staff and students alike. Her personable manner and non-judgemental attitude fostered trust from a large number of anxious and vulnerable students. Irene seized any possible opportunity to support students to work towards goals and has undoubtedly enriched the holistic educational experience of our whole school community during her time with us.

Helen O'Loughlin - Head of Year, Wirral Hospitals School

I recently heard Irene speaking at a Wirral Business Event at The Floral Pavillion. Her story is both inspirational and motivational - what a journey Irene has had! Without a doubt, she has overcome many challenges and changed many things for the better with her true determination. Who better to help you overcome barriers and achieve than someone who has done themselves.

Elaine Atherton, Sales Coach & Trainer 2SummitUP

"It was lovely to have Mrs Irene Afful in with us. The children were very excited to learn about the culture of people in Ghana. This workshop was informative, engaging and very practical. Thank you for a lovely afternoon."

Year 5 Teacher, OurLady of Pity Primary School - Greasby, Wirral

"I found this workshop extremely interesting because I know so much about Ghana now. I loved the bit where we did art because it was so abstract and colourful and it allowed us to express ourselves freely. I also found all of the general information about Ghana really interesting too!"

"I really enjoyed the Ghana workshop because it was very interesting to learn about a different culture. It was also interesting to see different types of clothes and jewellery."

"I loved the Ghana workshop because I learnt a lot about other cultures and religions and enjoyed seeing all the colourful clothing and jewellery."

"In the workshop I learnt a lot about Ghana's culture, art and economy. We also learnt about the outfits they wear and the jewellery that they are known for. We even made sculptures out of plasticine. However, if that didn't tickle your fancy you could draw or paint things to do with Ghana's atmosphere or culture, or you could even make anything as long as it was linked to the topic in some way or another. I recommend this workshop to anyone of all ages because it is extremely informal and enjoyable."

Year 5 Pupils, Our Lady of Pity Primary School - Greasby, Wirral

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Irene Afful for sharing her personal story with us at The Women's Organisation event last week. To have taken the experience of receiving racial abuse from the police in the 1980's, and turned this into a personal crusade to affect a permanent change of attitudes within the police (from the inside), is a truly gobsmacking, inspirational talk. Highly recommended!"

Katie Crozier, Get the Word Out Marketing Communications

" I met Irene at the Women's Organisation' and listened to her motivational speech to a number of business women. As a new business director I am really looking forward to working with Irene in the future, to help grow myself and my business."

Sarah Clare, LILAS Group

"It was a pleasure to have Irene as a panel member of The Women's Organisation International Women's Day event this March. Irene was knowledgeable and passionate and really inspired all of the women that were present with her story of how she got to where she is today. It was inspiring to hear how she had dealt with and overcome difficulties in her personal and business life with grace and tact and we know that hearing her story would have moved many of the women in the room. Irene was a delight to have as a panel member and we really valued her insight as part of the event." (March 2017)

Abi Inglis, Women's Organisation

I had a few meetings with Irene over the period of a few weeks following a difficult time in both my professional and personal life.
I was at an extremely low ebb and Irene encouraged me to make some very positive steps in my future career. Irene supported me with a very kind friendly and professional manor, she makes the process feel very natural.
I would recommend Irene as a life coach to anyone whom needs professional direction, valuable life advice or support. Irene is an inspiration and I can't thank her enough for allowing my confidence to shine through and for being such a wonderful support in my hour of need.

Claire, Creative Hub

I had one session with Irene to prepare for two interviews. I was nervous, apprehensive and doubted my ability. What can I say- that hour changed my mind set, beliefs and understanding of the interview process.
Irene demonstrated an encyclopaedic knowledge of the assessment process which she delivered in a professional style. She struck a great balance between being friendly, patient and approachable, but also authoritarian and direct when giving advice which made the process easy and enjoyable
During the session Irene:
reviewed my work history and listened to my concerns
assisted me to structure clear, concise answers using the STAR technique without inflating facts or waffling
conducted a mock interview
provided feedback

I left the session feeling confident, self assured and determined to secure the role applied for. Following my interviews I received two offers of employment at a salary level that was greater than I'd anticipated. My self esteem and confidence have been boosted and I'm really excited about what the future holds. I genuinely credit Irene for the coaching given and the massive impact she's had upon my life and career. I will definitely recommend her services to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Nicole, Crown Prosecutor

I am writing to give you feedback on the Phoenix Leadership programme. It has been very worthwhile and an honour to work with some truly inspirational people. Probably one of the most useful aspects has been the continuing mentoring  provided and support from Irene Afful. I have found that this has been very useful in keeping track of my personal and professional development and has driven me to achieve (notably in terms of achieving independent patrol status, my promotion to S/Sgt and my progress through the fast track assessments).
I feel that it is thanks to the Phoenix programme that I have realised that my disability doesn't need to hold me back; through the help and support I have successfully joined Cheshire Constabulary on the Fast Track Programme.

Paul, Cheshire Constabulary